martedì 5 agosto 2014

Blamed in Bedlam.(pieces of hate #5).

Social perceptions are low
the truth of things is not something i particularly like
i go more for a good story than what really happened
that is just the way i am
i hate to tell ya
but your opinions,
few minutes after leave(d) your lips
they're lining the trashcan at the back of my mind
there where my inner idiot live(s)
they're not binding
they're not locked away in a vault somewhere
tying me to your word waiting to be exhumed
is not a legal contract (as if i cared anyway)
i'll remain to this day free to contradict meself
a compelling raconteur rescued from oblivion
there is a trip to bedlam whispering nonsense
shaggy stories full of strangeness and twisted wisdom
a demented burlesque while shopping for bras
junkyard scholars smoking grass,smiling
remarkable consistency of the scent
fragrance that becomes most striking
as we chart a path between them
through Bedlam full of unexpected turns
but startlingly free of wrong ones
brilliance is a given
on account of what you achieve with it
insanity is a trade
mad-doctors and lunatics
sharing drugs and howling to the sky
as to keep away recovery
who needs to know what is really happening
in the real world psychopaths are in charge
playing with their rules makes anything worthless.

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