martedì 26 gennaio 2016

BOREDOM AND ANGER.(I shoot my own movie)

Smart gadgets for dumb people
he has a million stories and all of them are true
when the party's over everyone goes home
you are stuck with yourself
no sound of anything
it's just your own head
the wheels inside turning
there was a time when I couldn't deal with that
the rancid smell of cooking chunks of blacktar
we all have little comfort zones to fall back on
being strung out or handling withdrawal
all of it tests your mettle
some are going to end up lost souls
there's gonna be some carnage
but I mean in a world
where one's identity can be so thin and vague
this is something that might boil
the real you out of you
moving on "H" time
on her face a look of excited hunger
a face full of wants
and you don't really want to know
schizophrenic as a beaten wet cat
we have no direction
imagination's working overtime
and the night is music
I thought school was a joke
"hello sucker" they say
and I was a sucker
but you are desperate when emotionally broke
my landlady's very old
she keeps coming over asking me if I live here
my neighbour upfront's a crackhead whore
she wears leopard print silk over her bones
red lipstick on her skull
and off she goes twerking her skinny arse
down to the cattle market
you gotta love the business
I used to love going there
I'm not cooking anymore
but I'm still wasting my time away
I'm just on a different station
squeezing every minute out of the night
every night all over again
it's gotta be hard for someone starting out now
I thought it was bad when I started out
it's like looking for your waitress
you want it now
I can't tell anymore the difference
between if you're pissed out of your brain
or straight as an arrow
you don't get smarter as you get older
there's just less stupid stuff left
that you haven't already done
I knew so much when I was young
I had an answer for everything
too many folks counting chemicals
yet not enough who understand
basic empaty chemistry
one making silence
the other listening carefully to it
looking for those words
that can make short a long story
a fascination with human behavior
driving normal people to create mayhem
deep in thoughts in this masked ball of confusion.

Tom,Patty,Keith ..I owe you some.


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