giovedì 9 giugno 2016


Under the surface searching for knowledge
catch the surreal in the everyday routine
a fucking waste of time
tell me something i don't know
look at you plastic society
I'm like an alien nobody can touch me
I have not sentiments concern or feelings
I'm cold as a stone in the graveyard
a man with an hungry monkey
sitting next to the gate
shivering under the sun
selling used flowers stolen from the dead
all you have got to do is follow the sign
the misteries are stripped away
from everything and everyone
it's not the order that novels are written
it's the order they're read that matters
shredded to bits
trying to make sense of all this
strike a pose like an insane child screaming
covered in bad ink
soothe my skin
mutual respect
oh how I need a change of clothing
who owns my soul
tripping in a shattered dream
things come and go
I should be glad for what is left
simply passing time without actually living
crosscheck any information
everybody is a liar nobody deserve trust
homesick of the wrong country
all come handy enough for a short period
but umbearable in the long run
ever get the feeling you have been cheated?
You know when you feel like
you are in a weird world
you mess with your mind a little bit
to see life from a different angle
if you can handle it
a inner struggle
I Am sick of people thinking I'm difficult.

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